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Uninsured / Medicaid / Insured

MarillacHealth has new services such as obstetrics, prenatal and pediatric care, and new providers. We welcome new patients!

Marillac serves patients who are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP), Rocky Mountain Health Plans,  as well as patients who are uninsured. A Sliding Fee Discount Program is available for those meeting eligibility requirements. Click here to learn more about  Becoming a Patient

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Quality Health Care for All

MarillacHealth is nationally recognized as a patient-centered medical  home, providing primary and preventive health care services for Mesa County’s low-middle income, uninsured and underinsured, regardless of ability to pay.

Services are available at multiple locations in Mesa County. The main clinic is located at 2333 N. 6th Street next to St. Mary’s Hospital. The second clinic is on the ground floor of the Mesa County Public Health Department at 510 29 1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO.

Referral Specialists 

When a condition is diagnosed that falls outside the expertise of the doctors and health care professionals on staff at the clinic, more than 100 local referral specialists in practically every discipline will see Marillac patients at a reduced rate. It’s another example of how the local medical community is working together in a way that is helping address the growing national problem of access to health care.

Children And Pregnant Women

MarillacHealth sees patients of all ages and provides a full scope of care. Obstetric and prenatal care is offered by our qualified Family Physicians & Certified Midwife.

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Eligibility For Care At The Medical Clinic 

Eligibility for services at the MarillacHealth begins with a phone call or stop at either of our locations. If you are a Mesa County resident, call 970-200-1600 to determine eligibility. A sliding fee discount is available and is based on household size and income. Marillac accepts uninsured patients as well as patients covered by Medicaid, Medicare and Rocky Mountain Health Plans insurance.

Outreach And Preventative Care

Unfortunately, most people without insurance tend to wait until they are more seriously ill before seeking treatment. Such delays make it more difficult and more expensive to restore health and/or manage chronic conditions. MarillacHealth focuses on early intervention, education and outreach in order to interrupt this cycle.

This pro-active approach empowers patients to become full partners in creating a culture of healthy habits and lifestyles. Healthy individuals make for healthy families. Healthy families make for a healthier community. Good health helps our patients stay productive at work, at school and at home.

MarillacHealth administers two important preventive cancer screening programs: Women’s Wellness Connection that provides free pap smears and mammograms for low-income, uninsured women, and the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program that offers free FIT kits and colonoscopies for eligible individuals. Our Patient Navigators can help patients schedule these important preventive care screenings.

Outreach is also provided at the Catholic Outreach Day Center and Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley. A medical provider and social worker provide medical and mental health services to the homeless clients at the Day Center one day per week and at Homeward Bound every other week.

For more information from MarillacHealth, contact 970-200-1600. For information about the Catholic Outreach Day Center, visit


Questions About Eligibility


MarillacHealth welcomes any person in need of care, regardless of ability to pay. We offer care for adults and children who do not have insurance. We also  accept Medicaid and Medicare and some private insurances, too.  We offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program (see Sliding Fee Discount Schedule under Becoming a Patient) and other assistance programs for any person who is uninsured, which is based on household size and income. Below are programs offered:

Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP)

CICP is not insurance. The CICP program is for individuals primarily who are not eligible for Medicaid. This program is primarily for adults. Ask us about Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus for Children and Pregnant women.  CICP offers discounted health care services at participating clinics and hospitals. MarillacHealth participates in the Colorado Indigent Care Program.  Our co-pays range up to $40.00 for a medical visit depending on your sliding fee discount category.  You may qualify for CICP based on the income guidelines below. 

Federal Poverty Income Guideline Before Taxes –  April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022

2021 CICP Annual Income Ranges

Please call our Eligibility Specialists at 970-200-1600 for more information about these programs.


As part of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid was expanded to cover and include more people. You and your family may qualify for Medicaid/Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) health care coverage.  MarillacHealth can help you and your family navigate through the changes in the healthcare system and can help you apply for Medicaid if your incomes falls within 133% of the Federal Poverty Level.


If you have insurance, you may still visit MarillacHealth. As a courtesy, MarillacHealth will submit your claim to your insurance company for you. You will be asked to submit your insurance information and card at the time of service. MarillacHealth currently participates in (subject to change without notice):

Child Health Plan +



Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Other insurance companies*

* We will see anyone but please contact your insurance carrier for in-network and out of network providers and benefits.

We encourage everyone to apply for our Sliding Fee Discount Program that will allow you to access health care at discounted rates. You will be asked to meet with one of our Eligibility Specialists to determine if you and/or your family qualify for the programs based on family size and income. One of our Eligibility Specialists can explain the details of applying for our sliding fee programs. You must provide proof of income to apply for the programs.