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MarillacHealth Dental is dedicated to helping all ages – newborns to seniors – enjoy the benefits of good oral health. The mouth is the conduit to the rest of the body and the health of the mouth has a major effect on our general well-being.


New patients are welcomed and encouraged to come see us!  Don’t neglect your oral health; schedule your new patient exam today. CALL 970.200.1600

MarillacHealth provides preventive & restorative care services, including:

  • Exams
  • Cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Partials
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Children are Special at MarillacHealth

Pediatric dentist Dr. Kate Hart and her team care for our youngest patients.

Children eligible for Medicaid and CHP+, benefit from low cost to no cost covered services. Delta Dental Insurance is also accepted.  Other services are available on a sliding scale discount basis.

Our dental professionals are trained in the care of very young children, so you can be assured that your child will be treated in a way that makes their visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible.  At the 6th Street Clinic, Dr. Hart provides comprehensive dental care to our youngest patients, both in the health center setting and, if needed, in the hospital.  In addition, an on-site hygienist sees patients at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, a division of Primary Care Partners.  This collaboration helps to meet children in their primary medical care setting as well.  

Call to schedule follow up care appointments at 970-200-1600.

Marillac has screened thousands of school-age children over the last several years in an effort to help our youngest citizens learn good oral health care habits and to diagnose and treat problems as early as possible.

Children’s Oral Health:
Did You Know?

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that children should establish a dental home by age one? This is so you can learn how to take care of baby teeth and establish healthy habits early so that cavities can be avoided.

Did you know studies show that 70% of the time we get our mouth bacteria from our mothers? Having a healthy mouth helps keep your child’s mouth healthy as well.

Free Smart Smiles Dental Screenings

Smart Smiles is a free, school-based oral health program that focuses on dental disease prevention with care provided by our dental team from MarillacHealth. Our hygienists will go directly into schools to screen for cavities, educate about dental care, and protect teeth with a fluoride varnish. 

There is NO out-of-pocket cost & NO income or insurance qualifications, and every student at each school listed in Montrose or Grand Junction is eligible for this exam. To learn more or to complete parental consent forms, please visit our Smart Smiles Dental Screening page.

Free Hearing, Dental, & Vision screenings 7/11 and 8/1 at Clifton Community Campus. More info here!
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Dental Care for the Whole Family

Don’t let a tight budget keep you and your family from getting the care you need. MarillacHealth provides a full range of dental services for the whole family on a sliding scale.

Marillac can also provide full and partial dentures at a dramatically reduced rate. Ask about affordable mini-implants to help secure loose dentures. Your smile can be one of your greatest assets. Make it shine at MarillacHealth Dental!

All patients are welcome at MarillacHealth including those with special needs (mentally and physically challenged) and those who are medically compromised.

Pregnant women need extra care, both medically and dentally. MarillacHealth can help address those special dental needs to assure their baby is born healthy and strong. For instance, studies show that periodontitis in a mother can contribute to pre-term birth in newborns. Marillac can help right now.


Adult Oral Health:

Did You Know?

Did you know that bacteria are the cause of cavities? Bacteria eat carbohydrates and produce acid that attacks teeth. Frequent snacking and sipping cause frequent acid attacks. Bacteria love junk food, so stick with water and healthy snacks between meals like cheese, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Despite poorly done but well-advertised studies, flossing is still considered extremely important for a healthy mouth. It removes cavity-causing bacteria and acid from between teeth as well as food debris that causes bad breath. To make flossing a habit, just commit to starting to floss a few areas a day before you brush.

Did you know that periodontal/gum disease is linked to uncontrolled diabetes as well as heart disease? The mouth is connected to the body and the bacteria in the mouth affect overall health.

Did you know that cavities spread? This is because bacteria in the mouth can spread. Leaving untreated tooth decay will cause other cavities to form in the mouth faster.

Did you know that brushing at night is the most important time to brush? Twice a day is best, but you should never leave food debris on your teeth overnight, otherwise bacteria will produce acid throughout the night.

Dental Care for Seniors

Seniors have unique oral health needs, especially if medications are used which can cause dry mouth. Good oral health is particularly important for seniors.

The Colorado Dental Health Program for Low Income Seniors, MarillacHealth Dental can see seniors who qualify for the Colorado Dental Health Program. Dental services for seniors include: dentures, extractions, fillings, x-rays and routine dental care. The copay is low from $0 – $10 for most procedures. Dentures are affordable under this program!

We accept Medicare Advantage and many plans have a dental benefit!

To learn more about this program and availability of funding, call MarillacHealth Dental Care Coordinator at 970-200-1600.